Product Team

A Better Way to Find and Book Guest is a marketplace for podcasters. Podcast guests can create a free profile and make themselves available to be booked (either for free or for profit) by shows.  The platform streamlines the interview scheduling process, payment for the interview, and many other headaches related to booking guests for a podcast.

The Problem

One of the hardest parts of making a succesful podcast is finding and booking guests...

  • You have to find the guests you want to interview.
  • You have to get their contact information.
  • You have to schedule the interview, often a painful back in forth process involving time zones and very busy schedules.
  • If you are paying for the guest, you have to figure out a way to get them money.
  • Once you interview them, there is no real way to give lasting feedback for others who would want to interview them.

Travis Chappell has one of the most popular podcasts in the business and entrepreneurship category, runs an online course about network building through podcasting and is very well connected in the podcast world.  He came to us with the idea of building this app and we were happy to help him.

The Solution


We started this project with hours of discussion.  As one of our first projects, we hadn't yet settled on our current discovery process.

Branding and Initial concerns

Then we created branding for the guestio and a few initial designs of the application.  We also created a pitch deck the client used to raise initial capitol.


With client approval, we moved onto a full design of the application in figma. We spent about a month working through a full design and prototype of the MVP.


With design in hand, we started building the application.  After eight weeks of development and testing, we had an application that was ready to be launched to the world.

Travis did a amazing job getting initial users and the platform launched with several hundred users on day one, including big name guests like John Lee Dumas and Manny Paquio.


With real user feedback, we've been very busy making changes and adding requested functionality including:

  • Simplifying the scheduling process.
  • Adding upsells.
  • Adding a pro account.
  • Adding the ability to record a video or audio pitch.
  • Desiging and building a mobile application version of Guestio.