Software Development

Write Better Sermons. is a writing app designed specifically to help pastors write sermons. It is a distraction free text editor with included tools tailored for sermon-writing research. The app exists as a web app, a desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux, and a mobile app for iOS and Android.

The Problem

Pastors have to write a sermon at least once a week (sometimes as many as four times a week) and deliver it to the same crowd. Imagine writing two research papers a week, every week for decades and that is something like what pastors have to do. Their job includes study, research, writing and delivering sermons constantly

The Objectives

The client in this case ( is a leader in church software. They had a vision for a writing app designed to make this process easier, but didn't have the bandwidth on their development team to make it a reality. They envisioned a distraction free writing environment with instant access to scripture verses and a collection point for research. They also needed the app to have a companion iPad app that made it easy to take the sermon and deliver it from a pulpit.


We worked alongside the client's design team to giving input and helping shape the idea of what would be. Then we spent months working on the initial software.

We started with a web app with strong markdown support. Created a unique way for collecting research using menu bar apps (for mac and windows) and browser extensions. We made it super easy to insert that research into a sermon and added ways to easily insert a Bible passage from a number of Bible translations.

In addition to the web app, we created an electron application for running the app as a desktop app and then created mobile versions for iOS and Android.

Pastors all across the country are discovering this app and loving it as a sermon writing tool and we are continuing to work with the client on future iterations of the app.