Developers who know how to build great web and mobile apps


Our development team uses agile methodology and the latest technologies to bring ideas to reality.

Our team of developers have a proven record of working together to solve all kinds of problems and rapidly go from design to stable, tested finished software.



Scrum is an agile methodology that allows us to move forward at high speed and consistently deliver value. Our teams meet regularly to self assign work in a prioritized backlog and constantly work at becoming more efficient.



Our work wouldn't be possible without awesome tools: Laravel for the backend, Nuxt, and Vue for the frontend and Flutter for mobile apps. We take security and testing seriously and can help you deploy your app on modern cloud servers. For more information about our stack, you can visit here: Build Online Stack



Automated tests make sure your code keeps working and help keep technical debt to a minimum. At Build Online use Test Driven Development to make sure every feature of your product has complete test coverage and continues to work as expected.